Houston New construction

New Construction 

Our professionals specialize in new construction, skillfully overseeing and managing the build of new structures from scratch. We offer the following key services:

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Project Planning and Budgeting

Our contractors collaborate with clients, architects, and engineers to fully comprehend the project’s requirements, goals, and budget. They help devise a comprehensive plan encompassing construction timelines, material requirements, and cost estimates.

Houston New Construction Services
Houston New construction services

Obtaining Permits and Approvals

We guide you through the permit acquisition and regulatory compliance processes essential for new construction projects. We secure all necessary permits, coordinate required inspections, and ensure the project aligns with local building codes, zoning regulations, and legal stipulations.

Hiring and Managing Subcontractors

Our new construction contractors engage and oversee subcontractors who specialize in various aspects of your new construction, such as excavation, foundation work, electrical, plumbing, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), carpentry, roofing, and more. They manage the subcontractors, ensuring timely and quality work.

Houston New constructions services
Houston New construction services

Material Procurement and Logistics

We procure and manage the delivery of construction materials, equipment, and supplies. We coordinate with suppliers to ensure the availability of materials at the right time, optimize costs, and manage logistics efficiently.

Construction Supervision

Our new construction contractors provide on-site supervision and coordination to ensure that the construction progresses according to the plans and specifications. They manage the construction crew, monitor work quality and safety, and address any issues or challenges that arise during the construction process.

Houston New Construction Services
Houston New Construction Services

Quality Control and Inspections

Our team performs regular quality control inspections to uphold the required standards and specifications. They swiftly address any identified deficiencies or discrepancies to maintain construction quality.

Progress Reporting and Communication

Our new construction contractors facilitate regular communication with clients, architects, engineers, and subcontractors. They provide progress reports, answer client inquiries, and ensure effective communication across all parties involved in the construction project.

Houston New construction services
Houston New construction services

Cost and Schedule Management

We monitor project costs and schedules closely. We help track expenses, manage change orders, and ensure that the project stays within the agreed-upon budget and timeline. Our new construction contractors proactively identify and mitigate potential delays or cost overruns.

Project Completion and Handover

Once construction is complete, our contractors oversee the final inspections, testing, and compliance verification. They ensure that all necessary documentation, warranties, and permits are obtained. This can include coordinate the final cleanup and facilitate the successful handover of the completed project to the client.

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Houston New construction services

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