Concrete Contractors

Our seasoned professionals bring their vast experience to every stage of concrete work involved in your construction project. Here are some common responsibilities and services they provide:

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Concrete Installation

Our concrete contractors are skilled in the installation of concrete structures and surfaces. This includes pouring, leveling, and smoothing concrete for foundations, slabs, walls, driveways, sidewalks, patios, and other concrete elements.

Houston Concrete Contractors
Houston Concrete Contractors

Formwork and Reinforcement

We create formwork – the framework used to support wet concrete until it hardens – and install reinforcements such as rebar (reinforcing steel bars) or wire mesh, enhancing the structural integrity of the concrete.

Concrete Finishing

Once the concrete is poured, contractors apply finishing techniques to achieve the desired texture and appearance. This may involve techniques such as trowelling, stamping, staining, or polishing the concrete surface.

Houston Concrete Contractors
Houston Concrete Contractors

Concrete Repair and Restoration

Our team is adept in repairing and restoring damaged or deteriorated concrete structures, assessing the damage, determining appropriate repair methods, and carrying out the necessary restorations for structural integrity and safety.

Concrete Cutting and Demolition

Our concrete contractors are equipped with the knowledge and tools to perform precise cutting and demolition of concrete structures, be it for creating door or window openings, removing old concrete, or modifying existing elements.

Houston Concrete Contractors
Houston Concrete Contractors

Decorative Concrete

We provide decorative concrete services to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your concrete surfaces, incorporating techniques such as stamped concrete, exposed aggregate finishes, colored concrete, and decorative overlays for customized designs.

Concrete Maintenance

To extend the lifespan and functionality of your concrete structures, we offer maintenance services like sealing, cleaning, and applying protective coatings to guard against water penetration, UV damage, and general wear.

Houston Concrete Contractors
Houston Concrete Contractors

Project Planning and Consultation

Our concrete contractors work closely with clients, architects, and engineers to plan and execute concrete-related aspects of construction projects. They provide expertise and guidance on the most suitable concrete solutions, materials, and techniques based on the project requirements and specifications.


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